iRun because not everyone can Olivia Harvey, New Brunswick

iRun because I liveGeorges Schneller, Laval, QC

iRun because I canít dance Mario Javier, Ontario

iRun because pecan pie, french fries and beer are chasing meTeresa Sterling, Ottawa , ON

iRun because it's a great stress release Brooke McKenzie, Yukon

iRun to inspire my kids to tryGlen Johnston, Nunavut

iRun for meKiza Francis, Ottawa,ON

iRun because it reminds me of how strong I can be Monique Lavoie, Ontario

iRun because itís better than almost everything else Nathan Carey, Ontario

iRun for relaxation and to motivate my two sonsKeith Bradbury, Newfoundland

iRun so I can eat ice cream Sandy Bolan, Ontario

iRun for the fresh air and adrenalin Charlyn McGregor, Saskatchewan

iRun because when I run I feel most aliveMeghan Lynch, Ottawa, ON

iRun because couch potatoes die young Cathy Andrew, Ontario

iRun for relaxation and to motivate my two sons Keith Bradbury, Newfoundland

iRun because I never thought I would be able toGary Morris, Winnipeg, MB

iRun because it's cheaper than therapy Leah Boulter, Alberta

iRun because there is no finish line Claire Kilgour, Ontario

iRun because the wall is meant to be broken Jonathan Bird, Ontario

iRun because couch potatoes die young Cathy Andrew, Ontario

iRun because all the ladies are chasing my sexy runner’s bodyChris Baker, Etobicoke, ON

iRun and run, and run, and run, and nobody can stop me Andrei Lucaciu, Ontario

iRun because it makes me a better person, a better wife, a better mother and a better friendNathalie Joncas-Caissie, St-Antoine, NB

iRun to feel great Kathryn Rachar, Saskatchewan

iRun because somebody once told me I couldnít Heidi Abbey-Der, Saskatchewan

iRun because it has saved my life John Marshall, Alberta

iRun because itís cheaper than therapy Leah Boulter, Alberta

iRun because I need it to soothe the soul, keep me in shape and for overall wellbeingBeth Neil, Lombardy, ON

iRun because iEat Sherry Maligaspe, British Columbia

iRun for the cool t-shirts! Pina Bevilacqua, Ontario

iRun away from the abyss Charlene Thomas, Ontario

iRun to eat more, especially sweet potatoe fries Joanna Skomra, Ontario

iRun because it is my tonic and my salvation Georgia Ioannou, British Columbia

iRun because endorphins are freeCassandra Chouinard, Ontario

iRun to be free and enjoy our beautiful countryCheryl Carter, Clearwater , BC

iRun to kickstart my day Sharon Strueby, Saskatchewan

iRun for health, i Run for life Pat Cheung, British Columbia

iRun to eat Maureen Tritscher, Alberta

iRun to my happy place and some days itís very Doreen May, Alberta

iRun because I want to live to be 100! Colette DeJean, Ontario

iRun because itís like flying, only lower Glenn Johnson, Ontario

iRun slowly!Jason Hoffman, Manitoba

iRun because I can and I’m gratefulTerry SanCartier, Gatineau, QC

iRun to stay ahead of the weight gainMyra Abstreiter, Alberta

iRun whenever I feel the need to escape Iona Hillis, Ontario

iRun away from the negative and towards the positive Teri Lepard, Alberta

iRun because I want to be a role model for our six kids Catherine Empey, British Columbia

iRun because I like buying running clothes Pamela Blaikie, Ontario

iRun because it is my tonic and my salvation Georgia Ioannou, British Columbia

iRun to prove to them that iCan Catherine Smith, Manitoba

iRun because I learn more about who I am with every kmSteph Mansell, Quebec

iRun but not enoughMichael Shaw, New Westminister, BC

iRun because i love to Mirella Petriello, Ontario

iRun slowly! Jason Hoffman, Manitoba

iRun for overall wellbeingTrish McCourt, Halifax, NS

iRun at 50 years old because at 43 I couldn't Peter Cicalo, Ontario

iRun because I learn more about who I am with every km Steph Mansell, Quebec

iRun because iEat Sherry Maligaspe, British Columbia

iRun to get to know myself, my strength and my spirit Lisa Groulx, Ontario

iRun to challenge my perceived limitations Cassandra Williams, Ontario

iRun because somebody once told me I couldn't Heidi Abbey-Der, Saskatchewan

iRun so my daughters know that they can, too Shelley Kirkpatrick, New Brunswick

iRun because iLoves my man Beverly Huang, Alberta

iRun to inspire my children! Wendy Bowen, Manitoba

iRun because I get foot rubs afterward Kate Howerton, British Columbia

iRun because it makes me feel powerful Sarah Kallaghan, Alberta

iRun because it cleans up my life, because I drink more water, sleep better and eat healthier foodsRobin McIntyre, Ottawa, ON

iRun for the moment when both feet are off the ground Catherine Anderson, British Columbia

iRun because people around me inspire mePina Bevilacqua, Caledon, ON

iRun to stay fit and release those running endorphinsLiliana Plava, Calgary, AB

iRun because it makes me whole Denis Ladouceur, Quebec

iRun because I am not as clumsy I thought I was Hanna Baer, Quebec

iRun at 50 years old because at 43 I couldnít Peter Cicalo, Ontario

iRun to unleash my inner athleteAdelle Densham, Avonmore, ON

iRun because it makes me feel good, allows me to spend time with my friends and gives me a feeling of accomplishmentHelen Kolodziejzyk, Calgary, AB

iRun for the challenge to go faster and farther Steven Matejka, Alberta

iRun for me! Judi Wearing, Saskatchewan

iRun to challenge myself, physically and mentallyKathleen Keenan, Brampton, ON

iRun for the individual pursuit Robert Pelletier, New Brunswick

iRun because it gives my day a boost of energy Sara Campbell, Nova Scotia

iRun because I like buying running clothes Pamela Blaikie, Ontario

iRun because it gets my husband out there Tricia LaLonde, Alberta

iRun because it's better than almost everything else Nathan Carey, Ontario

iRun because it sure beats the bus Robin Robbins, Alberta

iRun for the challenge and to remember to fully live Pascale Synnott, Quťbec

iRun because otherwise Iím grumpy Alexandre Charest, Quebec

iRun to satisfy the irresistible urge Tim Nixon, British Columbia

iRun because it makes me feel powerfulCarlene Paquette, Carp, ON

iRun so I donít say never ever again Linda Klaric, Manitoba

iRun so that I can live longer and stronger Derek MacPhail, Ontario

iRun because Iíve lost 80 lbs and running has become fun Cheryl Kelly, Ontario

iRun because walking is too slow Barry Knapp, Ontario

iRun because endorphins are free Cassandra Chouinard, Ontario

iRun because I like to be healthy Melanie Oickle, New Brunswick

iRun because food tastes better afterwards Patrick Houston, Alberta

iRun because it reminds me that I am capable of so much more than I have doneJames Sauve, Ottawa, ON

iRun because I love the sense of accomplishment Amber Moase, Nova Scotia

iRun to challenge my mind, body and soul Sonia Mendes, Ontario

iRun because itís a great way to see the world Sherry Mahoney, British Columbia

iRun to maintain a strong physical and mental state Tammy Rainville, Ontario

iRun to correct years of sedentary living! Mike Scott, Ontario

iRun because I want to qualify for Boston and raise money for charities near and dear to my heartChristine Gracel, Calgary, AB

iRun all the livelong day Pierre Saint-Laurent, Quťbec

iRun to prove to myself I canLesley McGougan, Brampton, ON

iRun because it gives me freedom to relax my brainMarie-Claude Gregoire, Nova Scotia

iRun because it helps me see things more clearly Jennifer Pitts, Ontario

iRun because I love the solitude Janene Tailleur, British Columbia

iRun therefore I amDuncan Walsh, Nottingham, UK

iRun because itís fun when itís done Sue Matte, Ontario

iRun because it gives me freedom to relax my brain Marie-Claude Gregoire, Nova Scotia

iRun because I cannot say no to a second slice of chocolate cakeEmily Shandruk, Vancouver, BC

iRun because it’s in meMichael Foley, Stittsville, ON

iRun because my heart tells me to William Martin, Manitoba

iRun because of the peace and strength it brings meMichelle Jordan, Ottawa, ON

iRun for my heart, so it runs for me! Cathy Brzoza, British Columbia

iRun see where my feet will take me todayMegan Dolinskas, New York

iRun to someday win the race Lindy Dunlop, Yukon

iRun because running is like breathing to Stephanie McEvoy, Ontario

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Where do you rank among the stars?

Are you faster than Freddie Prinze Jr.? Probably. But did you outrun the guy from ABBA? Maybe not. Check the iRun Celebrity Marathon Timeline to see where you rank among the rich and famous.

Lance Armstrong, 7-time Tour de France winner
2007 New York City Marathon: 2:46:42
The only time he's ever been happy finishing 698th.

Laurent Jalabert, French cycling champion
2005 New York City Marathon: 2:55:39
A sub-three-hour performance, yes. But once again, he's slower than Armstrong.

Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
1980 Marine Corps Marathon: 3:11:00*
Wasn't stopped by a hill.

Joe Strummer, guitarist and singer of The Clash
1982 Paris Marathon: 3:20*
"Should I stay or should I go?" If Strummer told the truth about his race time, he went, and fast!

Scott Russell, CBC sportscaster
2004 Mississauga Marathon: 3:20:23
He was not wearing a vintage orange Sportsweekend jacket.

Bjorn Ulvaeus

Bjrn Ulvaeus, ABBA vocalist
1980 Stockholm Marathon: 3:23:54
Mamma Mia! He took a chance on the marathon and made us wonder what would happen if he'd been Bjorn again as a Masters runner.

William Baldwin, actor
1992 New York City Marathon: 3:24:29
A PB set while sprinting wildly from the family curse that has befallen every Baldwin except Alec. Okay, maybe him too.

John Edwards, former US senator and presidential candidate
1983 Marine Corps Marathon: 3:30:18
Edwards proves there's no correlation between running successfully and, well, running successfully.

Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate
1951 Boston Marathon: 3:31:00
See John Edwards, above.

Joan Van Ark, actor
1979 Santa Ana/Orange Marathon: 3:35:00
If Val Ewing had shot JR, no one would have been able to catch her.

Charles Gibson , news anchor
1983 Marine Corps Marathon: 3:43:24
He had a good morning, America.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush, US president
1993 Houston Marathon: 3:44:52
No one talked him into running; he is the decider.

Kristin Armstrong, Runner's World contributing editor
2004 New York City Marathon: 3:45: 53
Qualified for Boston long before 'wuzband' Lance did.

Peter Weller, actor
1988 New York City Marathon: 3:51:26
Would have been faster if he'd agreed to take off his Robocop armour.

Kim Alexis, actor and supermodel
1992 New York City Marathon: 3:52:00
This makes her America's fastest top model.

Gordon Ramsay, chef, TV personality, Hell's Kitchen
2002 London Marathon: 3:52:14
Under four hours, but still probably cursing at the finish line.

Anthony Edwards, actor
2003 Chicago Marathon: 3:55:40
Didn't need to go to ER after the race.

Will Ferrell, actor
2003 Boston Marathon: 3:56:12
Under four hours, but not fast enough to go Semi-Pro.

Meredith Baxter, actor
1982 New York City Marathon: 4:08:30
Right at the beginning of a long run for Family Ties, she went for a long run.

Kerri Strug, gymnast
1999 Houston Marathon: 4:12:06
Stretching after the race wasn't a problem.

Sean Combs, rap artist
2002 New York City Marathon: 4:14:54
Or whatever his name was that month.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, TV host
1994 Marine Corps Marathon: 4:29:20
Good enough to land her the cover spot on O magazine!

Bill Rancic, season-one winner of the Apprentice
2001 Chicago Marathon: 4:31:31
Bill, you're tired!

Lisa Ling, formerly of The View
Boston Marathon 2002: 4:34:18
Given a choice between Heartbreak Hill and working with Rosie O'Donnell, she chose Heartbreak.

Mike Huckabee, Arkansas governor and presidential candidate
2005 Little Rock Marathon: 4:39:04
Forgot the flat tax for one day in search of a flat course.

David James Elliott, actor
2000 Boston Marathon: 4:57:23
JAG star qualified under little-known provision for hunky men in uniform.

Al Gore, former US vice-president
1997 Marine Corps Marathon: 4:58:25
The incovenient truth is this: Gore's marathon PB is almost 1:15 slower than Dubya's. No re-count required.

Ted Koppel, news anchor
1983 Marine Corps Marathon: 5:09:08
From Nightline to porta-potty line?

Katie Holmes, actor
2007 New York City Marathon: 5:29:58
Or roughly the time it would take you to watch her husband in all three Mission Impossible movies, if you skipped the credits.

Mario Lopez, actor
2002 Boston Marathon: 5:41:41
Saved by the Bell? More like saved by the guaranteed charity entry. Lopez's finish time was over 2 hours slower than the Boston qualifying time for a man his age.

Freddie Prinze Jr., actor
2006 LA Marathon: 5:50:49
I know what you didn't do last summer: Train!

David Lee Roth, 80s rock star
1987 New York City Marathon: 6:04:43
Jump? Might as well walk.

* Results are unofficial.

  WEB EXTRA: Know a celebrity marathon time you want to add to the list? Send us their name, finish time, and the name and year of the race, and we'll post it! (Snarky remarks optional.)

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