No Category selected A look back at February, 2012

    A look back at February, 2012


    One of my New Year’s running resolutions this year was to keep better track of my mileage. Here’s how February stacked up:

    # of days run: 12/19  I had intended on running more days but I forgot to account for the whole pre-race taper and post-race “my legs hurt too much to run.”

    inside/outside runs: not entirely sure. I think maybe 1(inside): 11 (outside) but my records aren’t clear on that

    Total mileage: 89.5

    Cumulative mileage for 2012: 192km = an “easy week” for Ray Zahab

    Longest run: 21.1km, the Winterman half!

    Shortest run: 3km

    # of strength-training sessions: 6

    I’d love to give you stats on fastest and slowest runs but they’re all pretty much the same speed. I call it “slushy path” speed.

    Plans for March

    –       Run 16-20 days

    –       Do long runs on Friday afternoons/evening so as to get them over with before the weekend

    –       Strength train each section of body (upper body, abs, lower body) at least once a week

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    Dana’s first attempts at running started at age 15, prompted by the desire to impress a boy. “Thankfully, the boy in question appreciated her other charms and running was quickly abandoned,” she says of her younger self. The habit finally stuck about two years ago, however, and she has since co-founded a two-person running team called “The Fighting Mongooses.” Dana offers great advice in her blogs, such as to think twice about the Toronto Zoo 10k. “A strong whiff of elephant dung is not the reward you’re looking for when you’ve just crested yet another f-ing hill in the freezing cold,” she advises. She also entertains with stories of, um, interesting people she met during races. “There was that guy in the short robe two years ago who invited us back to his house for pancakes after the race…we decided to keep running.” Funny and smart is a winning combo in our books!


    1. I like your goals for March. That third point is one I seem to really neglect unless you count yoga. I’m hoping by month end maybe the weather will be good enough to start doing hills once a week.

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