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    “Zombies, Run!” app now available


    All of us know someone who spends too much time in front of the X-Box and not enough time being active.  Good news for them – or anyone looking to lose the “it’s boring!” excuse: the long awaited Zombies, Run! app is now available from iTunes, but Android users will have to wait until spring to save the world.

    If you aren’t familiar with Zombies, Run!, it’s like a video game and a workout all rolled into one.  Picture this: the zombie apocalypse is now, and you need to find supplies while avoiding the zombie horde. As you run, you listen to the story through your headphones – you get orders from your home base, and you automatically collect critical supplies along your route, along with clues, notes and artefacts that will eventually reveal what has happened to the world.

    All of this is virtual, of course – there is nothing to carry besides your phone or iPod; you can even listen to music while you play.  When you get home, you allocate the supplies you’ve “collected” as you see fit to build up the strength of your base.

    Updates to the app promise to include tracking of your distance, time, pace and calories burned, as well as future integration with RunKeeper.

    For all of the details and a video with a few sound bites, visit the website.