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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


What We Permit We Promote

The cycle gets more sickeningly familiar by the day. In the past few weeks alone, a deluge of men in positions of power have...

Bring More Balance To Your Training With Chi Running

By Pamela Mazzuca Prebeg HBSc. Kin, Athletic Therapist As a runner you’re accustomed to pushing your body to the limit, kilometer after kilometer, while your...

Real Talk Reflections with Myself on Body Image

I’m struggling these days to accept how I look. I do not like how skinny I am. I do not want other young runners...

“It’s candy, people. Live a little.” Krista DuChene’s Halloween recipe for parents

As Halloween was approaching I felt the need to once again post my thoughts about children and candy, based on and reinforced by Ellyn...

Lyndsay Tessier: School Them

The Black Lungs take their name in tribute to the coal miners of Cape Breton, where the group first ran as a team in...
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